Don't let the happy couple drink alone!

We've got you covered for the wedding. For before and after, let us know what you want and we'll pick it up for you and have it waiting at your accommodation. For ordering and settling up, just follow the 3 steps below. Please get your beverage order in by June 11th.

Please note that Canadian customs is very strict about the amount of alcohol that you can bring into the country. The limit per person is a max of either one 26 ounce bottle of spirits or two of wine. They will ask.

1. Tell Us What You Want

By June 11th

List what you would like for the weekend on our order sheet. Alcohol in Ontario is sold in government stores so we'll try to find your request or recommend an alternative.

Place Your Order Now!

2. Review What We Found

June 19th - July 8th

We'll try to find exactly what you want but will recommend alternatives if we can't get it. Review what we found and confirm if it works for you.

Review Your Order

3. Settle Up

Your beverages will be waiting for you. After we confirm your full order has been delivered, you can Venmo to settle up:

Fun fact: did you know cannabis is legal in Ontario? Just saying...

Questions or concerns or anything else, contact our booze-wranger Chris at or 613-220-0096.