Six Mile Cottage

Traveling to Six Mile

Located in the beautiful Muskoka lake region of Ontario, Six Mile lake will play host to the weekend activities at the Pressley family's island cottage.

Six Mile Lake is located approximately 160 kilometers / 100 miles north of Toronto. The weekend events will be held at the Pressley family island cottage. The cottage is a 5 minute boat ride from the Six Mile Lake Marina. We will have boats on hand to shuttle you to the cottage from the Marina for the various weekend events.

If you are arriving from the U.S. or other international locations:

  • You will need to have your passport for entry into Canada.
  • There is no requirement for proof of COVID vaccination or test.
  • If traveling by air, expedite your entry into Canada by pre-entering your arrival information in the ArriveCan app.
  • Canadian customs is very strict about the amount of alcohol that you bring into the country. The limit per person is a max of either one 26 ounce bottle of spirits or two of wine. Seriously, they will ask so why not let us arrange for your beverages.

The most convenient airport to fly into is Toronto Pearson International airport (YYZ).

To get to Six Mile Lake from the airport, you have three options:

  1. Rent a car. A variety of rental car services are available at the Toronto airport. Once you have your car, just follow the instructions in the "Traveling by Car" section below.
  2. Shuttle Service. A shuttle bus is operated by Simco County Airport Service from the Toronto airport. You can book a shared ride or private van. When making a reservation, you will be travelling from Pearson Airport (Toronto) to the town of Port Severn (about 10 minutes from Six Mile Lake). Let us know if you are taking this option and we will help coordinate transport from Port Severn to your accommodations.
  3. Private Car. Coming soon: we will provide recommended service providers to take you right to Six Mile Lake.

If you are driving to attend an activity at the cottage or if your accommodations are located on Six Mile Lake itself, you will need to take a boat from the Six Mile Lake Marina. Extended parking for the duration of your stay is available at the Marina but only in the areas designated here. If you have problems securing a spot, just give us a call.