A Celebration on Six Mile

The main event will be held on Saturday August 12th at 4pm, but don't miss the full weekend activities

Thursday, August 10th
Friday, August 11th

Casual Lake Days

For those arriving early, join us at the main cottage for relaxing lake activities. Activities include fishing, tube rides, water skiing, stand up paddle boarding, canoes and supervised axe throwing - while the less ambitious can hang out, get sun and have a few drinks on the dock.

Friday, August 11th

Pig Roast at 3:00pm

Join us at the main cottage for a pig roast and cocktails, topped off with a relaxing evening by the fire.

Saturday, August 12th

The Main Event at 4:00pm

Join us at the main cottage for love, laughter and some dancing!

Sunday, August 13th

Sunday Funday - All Day

Join us at the cottage for water sports and a boat cruise. And nursing any hangovers...

A note on dress: Dress for the entire weekend is lake casual with the exception of one nice outfit for the ceremony - suit & tie not required. So you will want to leave your Louboutins and Ferragamos at home in favor of your Birkenstocks and Havaianas.